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Belarus-Europe Road Freight

Грузоперевозки Грузоперевозки

International and Intercity carriage of goods by road.

AGROSTEP offers you services for freighting different goods by road. Our company has 22 trucks, which are on dealers’ aftersales service and have good technical conditions. The most successful transportation lines are Belarus-Lithuania-Belarus, Lithuania-Russia-Lithuania and road freight on the territory of Republic of Belarus. Promising directions for development will be Western and Eastern Europe-Belarus-Russia-Kazakhstan.

AGROSTEP is a candidate member of the Belarusian Association of International Road Carriers. Its deliveries are insured under CMR per TIR requirements. We take out additional insurance policies on freight as needed, and have posted a Belarusian customs surety bond. We are also provide liability insurance of near 400 000 euro for each goods transportation.

An updated fleet of the company consists of the 22 trucks which are appropriate for the environmental standards of EURO 5:

- Tractor Mercedes-Benz Actros 1844 4x2 with a refrigerated semi-trailer Lamberet LVFS3F1R of useful volume 91 cbm, which allow to carry up to 20 tons of cargo in the temperature range from -20 to +20 º C.

- 8 Tractors Mercedes-Benz Actros 1844 4x2 with tent semi-trailers Kässbehrer Maxima XS of curtain type, useful volume 91 cbm, which are allow to carry up to 23 tons of cargo, load and unload cargo from the three sides of a semi-trailer as well as from the top.

- 4 DAF XF 105.460 SC 4х2 tractors with Kögel Cargo-MAXX curtainsider 91m3 cubic capacity semi-trailers ready to haul up to 23 metric tons of cargo and then be unloaded and reloaded from the rear, top, or side.

- 7 DAF XF 105.460 FTG 6х2 tractors hitched to Kögel Port-MAXX flatbeds that carry up to 26 metric tons of 40’ high-cubes or 20’, 30’, and 40’ shipping containers across Lithuania, Belarusian and Russian highways.

- a 45m3 cubic capacity DAF FA LF 45 curtainsider 4x2 truck capable of transporting up to 7 metric tons of lighter or bulkier freight, as well as mixed consignments.

Modern Euro 5-standard engines cut fuel costs and allow our drivers near free rein to crisscross Europe. The entire fleet is outfitted with GPS location tracking, allowing freight schedules to be coordinated for on-time delivery.

Being importers & exporters ourselves, we are well-versed in international business procedures. Our wealth of experience with cross-border commerce means your products get brisk delivery unhindered by procedural delays or unforeseen costs. Trust your freight to us - you’ll gain not only a punctual and dutiful carrier, but also an experienced logistics advisor at your side.

We build long-lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients. We are always asking ourselves how we can improve our level of service, responsiveness, and performance. Our highest priority is freight done dependably, punctually, cost-effectively, and with great care.

We Deliver Your Success!

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