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Raschel bags

сетка для овощей сетка для овощей сетка для овощей

Most convenient and up-to-date way of packing, storage and transportation of vegetables. The vegetables are well kept and supervised. Besides, various colors of raschel bags improve the market quality of the vegetables.

Raschel bags are used for both manual and automatic packaging of vegetables. A raschel bag has a drawstring. The drawstrings end with knots designed to prevent the drawstrings to go out on tying the top of the bag.

The advantages of raschel bags:

  • The raschel bags offered by Agrostep has optimised set of characteristics applicable to this type of package.
  • High-quality polyethilene enables you to forget about breaks of raschel bags, and as a result, about the spoiled market quality of your products. The density of weaving and the weight of the bag make the price-quality ratio better.
Size, cm
(width * lenght)
Capacity, kg Color  
50*80 35-42 *  
45*75 30-35 Red, purple  
40*60 15-20 Red, purple  
30*47 10-15 Red, purple With handles
25*39 3-5 Red, purple With handles
21*31 2-3 Red, purpleWith handles
18*28 1-2 Red, purpleWith handles

* green, orange, red and purple

The raschel bag is packed in bundles of 100 pieces, which are tied in small bales of 1000 pieces. The bales are wrapped with a polypropylene fabric.

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