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Our company is a direct importer of bearings from different manufacturers and is able to supply bearings as a warehouse, and under the order within the agreed time and pre-agreed price. JLLC AGROSTEP is the first provider and offers a wide range of bearing products of different manufacturers.

Bearing - a technical device, which is part of the support which supports the shaft, axle or other structure, fixes the position in space, provides a rotation or linear movement of the swing (for linear bearings) with the least resistance, accepts and passes the burden on other parts of the structure.

Rolling bearings consist of two rings and rolling bodies (various forms) and separator (some types of bearings may be without a separator), which separates the rolling elements from each other, retaining the same distance and guide their movement. On the outer surface of the inner ring and the inner surface of the outer ring (on the end surfaces of the Rings thrust bearings) perform the gutter - raceway, in which, when bearing roll body roll.

In some units of machinery in order to reduce size and increase the accuracy and rigidity of the combined use so-called pillars: raceway at the same time carry out directly on the shaft or on the surface of cabinet parts.

There are bearings made without the separator. These bearings have a large number of rolling elements and payload capacity. However, the limiting speed of bearings bezseparatornyh significantly lower due to higher moments of the resistance to rotation.

Rolling bearings are working mainly on the rolling friction (there are only small losses on the sliding friction between the cage and rolling element) so compared to the bearings are reduced energy losses due to friction and reduced wear. Sealed bearings (with protective cover) require virtually no maintenance (replacement of grease), open - are sensitive to the ingress of foreign bodies, which can lead to rapid destruction of the bearing.

Load on the bearing forces are divided into: the radial, acting in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the bearing. centerline , in a direction parallel to the bearing axis.

Classification by design features

Rolling bearings are classified according to the following criteria:

  • in the form of rolling elements: ball and rolle, the latter may be cylindrical short, long and needle-like, as well as barrel-shaped, tapered and twisted - hollow;
  • the direction of the load — radial, intended only for perception of radial or predominantly radial forces, angular contact — for the perception of radial and axial forces. Bearings adjustable types without axial load can not work. Thrust for the perception of the axial forces, the radial force does not perceive. Thrust radial - for the perception of small axial and radial forces;
  • the number of rows of rolling bodies — one, two and four-row;
  • sensitivity to distortions — self-aligning (allow up to 3 ° misalignment) and not self-established;
  • with a cylindrical or conical bore of the inner ring;
  • double etc.

In addition to the main bearings of each type of produce their constructive variety.

Types of rolling bearings

  • Ball bearings:
    • radial ball;
    • radial ball Self-aligning (spherical);
    • ball angular contact;
    • ball-resistant;
    • radial ball for Hull nodes.
  • Roller bearings with cylindrical rollers:
    • roller radial;
    • roller thrust.
  • Roller bearings with conical rollers:
    • roller angular contact (conical);
    • roller thrust (cones).
  • Roller bearings with spherical rollers:
    • roller radial self-aligning (spherical);
    • roller-resistant, self-aligning (spherical).
  • Roller bearings with needle rollers:
    • needle Radial;
    • needle-resistant;
    • needle combined.
  • Other bearings:
    • radial toroidal roller bearings;
    • roller radial bearings with spiral rollers;
    • ball and roller bearing rollers;
    • combined bearings;
    • slewing device


  • сетка для овощей
  • Radial Ball Bearings
  • сетка для овощей
  • Angular contact ball bearing Four-kontatom
  • сетка для овощей
  • Self-aligning double-row radial ball bearings
  • сетка для овощей
  • Groove ball bearing assemblies for hull
  • сетка для овощей
  • Radial Roller Bearings
  • сетка для овощей
  • Radial Thrust Roller Bearings
  • сетка для овощей
  • Radial self-aligning roller bearing
  • сетка для овощей
  • Self-aligning angular contact roller bearing
  • сетка для овощей
  • Self-aligning double-row radial roller bearing with a barrel-shaped rollers (spherical)
  • сетка для овощей
  • Thrust Ball Bearings
  • сетка для овощей
  • Thrust Roller Bearings
  • сетка для овощей
  • Rollers and cage thrust needle bearing

We also accept orders for manufacturing drawings and the customer's request bronze bushings O5TS5S5, O4TS4S17 and other bronzes. Own production from casting to machining.

The enterprise has adopted a personal approach to each client. Flexible pricing for regular and large customers. We will consider all proposals for mutually beneficial cooperation.

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